On Site Cloud Backup

I Can’t Save This File – What Am I Going To Do !

Having problems with your disk storage space?  Sometimes there is not enough space on a hard drive and you want to download or send images or videos to your friends or loved ones and can’t.  A good way to secure all your data, and still be able to save on your PC or Device, is by using Cloud storage.   Cloud Storage backs up your data to the cloud.   Once uploaded the information can now be accessed through any web browser or any device – after you provide the correct, secure, username and password.

You don’t have to take up storage space on your main hard drive anymore.  You can now easily have more storage to upload files of any type.  Additionally, knowing that you can choose to make your data accessible anywhere you go, makes life a lot easier.    Your data is now web ready and waiting for you – whenever and wherever you need it.   It’s just as perfect for saving those large work projects, as it is for sharing files friends and coworkers.

Remember, it’s still important to have a local back up, close by, just in case.  You never no when an accident might happen that destroys all your data.  Backing up to the Cloud gives you peace of mind knowing your data is just a click away.